13 Early Warning Signs Of High Blood Sugar Level

You must have experienced or seen people around you complaining about low blood sugar levels. But hyperglycemia or level of sugar being high in the blood is definitely an issue that causes a wide variety of other related problems.

How is high blood sugar or hyperglycemia caused?

During the process of digestion, the carbohydrate molecules are broken down into glucose, which is the chief energy source for our body. µThese glucose molecules get directly absorbed into the bloodstream and enter the cells with the help of insulin hormone released by the pancreas. But in case of a person suffering from diabetes, the insulin does not get released properly thereby increasing the level of sugar in the blood causing hyperglycemia.

Hyperglycemia danger:

If hyperglycemia is left untreated it can also lead to serious complications like a diabetic coma. High blood glucose (sugar) level can also damage the essential organs of your body like the eyes, nerve vessels, kidney, and heart too. Now that you have the idea about what is hyperglycemia, let us discuss the signs that indicate high blood sugar level in your body.

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