This Is What Happens To Your Body If You Sleep On The Left Side Each Night For A Month

A good night’s sleep is very important in order to be able to properly recharge the batteries and have the energy necessary for your daily activities.

After a long day at work, running around and being on your feet, nothing is better than going home to find your comfortable bed. For most people, sleeping is really important, and it’s even the favorite activity for some of us. But did you know that the position you take when you sleep can affect your health?

For example, sleeping on your back can be dangerous for people who have asthma and / or sleep apnea because it increases the risks associated with breathing difficulties.

Alternatively, sleeping on the right side can worsen digestive problems and make them worse. These negative effects and problems lead not only to poor quality of sleep, but also to less.

Recent studies show that sleeping on your left side can contribute to the health of many organs. The theory stems from Ayurveda, a holistic approach to health and medicine that originated in India.

Discover 9 health benefits that you can benefit from if you simply sleep on the left side:

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