13 Common Symptoms Of High Sugar Count

Your health is your greatest gift. Having a healthy body is having a happy mind and eventually having a happy life.

A lot of people consume big amounts of sugar daily, which is dangerous and harm their health, but they may not even be aware of it. However, the amount of sugar a person should consume varies, depending on their age, sex, and health status.

High blood sugar numbers chart:

According to American Diabetes Association, the following blood sugar chart shows normal blood glucose levels before and after meals:

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Source: American Diabetes Association

High glucose dangers:

One gram of sugar contains about 4 calories, many people consume almost 270 calories per day from added sugar alone.

The calories coming from sugar are described as “empty calories” because they do not provide any vitamins and nutrients that benefit the health.

What you should know is high blood glucose is so dangerous and can increase the risk of falling in many health problems, including weight gain, obesity, high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes, heart disease, tooth decay and other.

Here are 13 common symptoms of high sugar count:

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